Starburst Slots

The online Starburst slot version of the game is a full-feature 5-reel video slot game offering an impressive RTP of 96.1%. Originally launched back in 2012, the game has become a true legend among fans of such games.

It’s among the most popular choices of games for real money play. There are 10 active pay lines, and each one pays from left to right. The video slot Starburst game has no progressive jackpot feature, but you can select the coin value from a ten-level coin value scale. There is also an autoplay feature available.

The chances of winning real money playing Starburst slots are astronomical thanks to the Starburst wilds!

What is Starburst?

Starburst is a supremely popular slot game. Maybe the most popular in the entire galaxy! A truly cosmic experience that encourages you to aim for the stars and the big win!

In this inter-galactic environment, the Starburst wilds are distributed over the whole reel and remain for three spins, upping your chances of obtaining mega combo bursts!

With an astronomical RTP of 96.1%, this game offers extraterrestrial winning chances!

Game data

Number of Reels = 5

Number of Rows = 3

Number of Bet Lines = 1-10

Number of Paylines = 10

Min/Max Bet 0.1 - 100 coins

Max Win = 5,000 coins

RTP (Return to Players) = 96.1%

Hit Frequency = 22.7%

How do you play Starburst slots?

Since casino promotions change daily, we recommend that you constantly check popular online bingo sites to make sure any promo offers or freebies are still available. Do not forget to read the Terms and Conditions for any site you're interested in before accepting any sign-up or welcome bonuses. You have the chance to win money with online slots, and Starburst is among the best in this category. 

The game features five reels with 10 paylines, with 50,000 being the maximum amount you can win, which is an amazing coin multiplier of X50,000. You’ll discover this when you play Starburst; there is much more to offer, including starburst wilds, free re-spins and other prizes. This game includes the ability to select your min or max bet level and coin value, then spin the reels to get all the Starburst wild symbol features of Star Burst. 

Given all the rules set out, it’s no surprise that many casino sites use Starburst Free Spins as a welcome bonus. Check out the welcome bonuses when you look at various casino sites, as this is undoubtedly one of the most popular slot games worldwide, and definitely worth trying. 

Of course, millions of experienced and new players are actively looking for hacks, loopholes and other ways to cheat on the game and discover winning combinations and Starburst slot tactics. 

While the game has a quite simple look overall, the glowing symbols make the gameplay appealing and provide an amazingly engaging experience. The Starburst slot game is an innovation in slot games, and knowing that you can win all the way through spins makes it even more exciting. With 5 reels with 10 paylines, Starburst has more than enough slot action for a new player to get into and is a great way for them to learn and improve their skills. 


No serious Starburst slots review would be complete without some information about what bets you can make. You can choose from up to 10 bet levels, whichever coin value you use to bet. Each slot offers a jackpot of up to 5,000 coins, with the Starburst bet range starting at 0.01% with a max bet of1%. With a 96.1% RTP, there is a good chance that you will get part of it, but not everything. 

The more lines selected for each play, the higher your chances of winning combinations will be while playing, but your bet on each spin will be higher also. So pick your strategy carefully!

Bonus features

As mentioned in many Starburst online slots reviews, the game has many bonus features, and we soon found out that they are more than enough to add an exciting edge to the gaming experience.  

Some experience will help better your chances of getting winning combinations, but the random number generator and luck are the most important combination that will eventually decide if you win the jackpot, or not. Three or more wild symbols appear on the slots, giving you a win. This ensures that 2 advanced wild s appear on reels when you play Starburst, increasing your chances to hit the jackpot. 

As we mentioned earlier, there is no shortage of online sites where you can try playing Starburst. Although this is an extremely popular slot game, it can also be found in casinos, such as the Las Vegas Sands, MGM Grand, and Caesars Palace. You can also download Starburst for a free spin on mobile devices from any of the websites of the online casinos which carry it in their arsenal of games. 

You won't find many online casinos that don't have this classic beauty of a game in their game catalog, but if you’re interested in which of them offers the best Starburst experience, check out their reviews. 

They'll tell you all about exciting online games you can try, including where to find them, how to play and what to do. The Starburst slot is among the most popular slot machines in the world, with over 1.5 million players worldwide. 


The best thing: there are loads of free versions of Starburst online slots to try. These are often available when registering on online gaming sites. You can redeem all sorts of amazing bonuses and free spins while playing these slots. Some sites offer a welcome package consisting of a game bonus and a free spin, but this only happens during the game itself. 

The site will decide whether you will be able to play the free spin, and you can trigger the bonus whenever you find yourself in the wild zone of the reels.

There are also casinos that allow you to play games of Starburst for free, but you need to sign up for an online casino membership. All wagering requirements apply to winning a free spin during the Starburst game, and you do not win any free spins if you play a game of Star Burst for free. How do sites know if you don't pay to play? They use cookies to track your browsing and navigation habits on sites. Cookies tell them if you are a new visitor, a returning visitor and other data that allows the site operator to track your visits to the site. Cookies also allow site operators to personalize or customize other site content displayed during your visit. Most sites require you to accept their cookies policy to get full access to their game content.

More on Starburst slots

For many years, the meaning of the term Starburst was associated with the experience of an explosion of fruit flavors in the mouth. But that’s no longer the case! In the online casino slot world, Starburst is synonymous with probably the most popular slot game online in the gaming universe.

Starburst is set against the backdrop of space and has plenty of cosmic sparkle! With retro styling and extremely vibrant colors, it’s as enjoyable to watch as it is to play and, and win! Playing Starburst slot games on any casino gaming site brings back all the fun of some of the best and classic online casino games.

This dynamic online slot machine features a Starburst wild symbol that appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 and spans the entire reel. Starburst wilds will stay on the same reel for a maximum of 3 re-spins and there’s no extra cost to you!

The Starburst slot game in machine form is also available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The Starbursts slot machine in Canada and Australia comes with a maximum of $1,500 per reel or $10,000 per slot machine.

Getting started

Coin values can be adjusted on a ten-step scale and there are ten paylines active, paid from left to right.

The first thing you have to do is set the coin value, it can be anywhere between 0.01 and 1, but remember to play more lines to have a higher chance of winning.

Next, select the number of lines you want to play, from 1 to 10.

Set the duration of the session in advance to one minute, not one hour, and the payline number to the number of lines you want to play from 1 to 20.

When you’re ready – press the green button and may the luck of the universe be with you! Keep your eyes on the screen and you’ll see all the action unfold before your eyes!

Spin and Win

Avoid overplaying! Starburst is super addictive, so be responsible and consider setting some limits when it comes to how long you play and how much you bet while playing. The game provides players with the following options:

  • Bet and Loss per play session/day/week/month (whichever you prefer)
  • Completely block play for a specified period of time (think about your work hours!)
  • Program play duration in advance (TIP: use minutes rather than hours)

If you have played for more than an hour, you will receive an automatic warning and you will only be able to play with your balance, no further credit will be given. You must answer "yes" to continue playing, if you want to continue to play, and "no" if not

Why people love Starburst

The brilliantly lit jewels are at the heart of the visually sparkling star burst slot game, and even new players will have an easy time figuring out the results of each spin. It's simple but yet extremely addictive and fun to play.

The sights and sounds of an almost forgotten time of arcade games are brought back to like through Starburst slot games. Yes, it's a total nostalgia trip for some! The fun is complemented by a rich soundtrack, which reinforces the feeling of endless cosmic space.

When it comes to slots Starburst is a truly unique environment for players to enjoy gaming in, and it is still one of the best arcade-style games available today.